Take a Hike

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Take a Hike is an outdoor journey through thick green foliage. This outdoorsy Dude Candle delivers the aroma of moist earthen soil with plants, trees, and grasses throwing off that powerful natural scent that peaks after a light rain shower. No perfumes. No feminine scents. C’mon, it’s a Dude Candle, after all! It’s nature, pure and simple. Take a Hike…

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6 reviews for Take a Hike

  1. Pine Watt

    smells great and immediately felt like I needed to go take a hike. Don’t forget to blow out your candle on the way out the door! Aroma is wonderful and the candle burns well. Would buy again.

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Smells great, strong pine scent,reminds me of the Adirondack Mountains.

  3. J. Todd (verified owner)

    as a marketing gimmick “dude” candles is certainly up there as one of the more desperate masculinity pandering things i’ve seen. as much as i will forever mock the name designed to entice testosterone insecure males into making their house smell “manly” by spending stupid amounts of money on soy based fragrance infused glass jar candles, i do have to hand it to the candles. they’re quite good.

    i don’t generally enjoy soy candles, they require significantly more fragrance to get the same bang for your buck as traditional paraffin candles. most candle makers attempt to regulate the overall cost by sacrificing fragrance. but dude candles delivers admirably, and lets the price be what it needs to be.

    i’ve been searching for a replacement for two different candles for years now. i think i finally found them in pipe tobacco, black leather, sawdust, and take a hike. Pipe tobacco and black leather burned together matches the old library candle i used to buy. while sawdust and take a hike replace the mountain lodge candle i used to buy.

    all four fragrances are quite well balanced. dude candle doesn’t get overly complicated with multilayered top middle and bottom notes. it’s black leather, it smells like black leather. it’s pipe tobacco, it smells like pipe tobacco… so on and so forth.

    pleased, will certainly buy again – hilarious marketing gimmick aside.

  4. Ethan (verified owner)

    This is an amazing scent. It smells just like a hike through an alpine forest after a fresh rain. My favorite fragrance so far. Great packaging.

  5. Tek

    I ordered this one by mistake. It’s the best mistake I made all week. It smells just like my hiking trail.

  6. Jon

    Smells perfect! Just like the outdoors. You can totally smell the dirt and green vegetation. Can’t wait to try the others.

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