Beer Fest! Beer Scented Wax Melts


The universal scent of hops, yeast, and grain all come together in this Dude Candle favorite – BEER FEST! Your man-space will be filled with that light and comforting fragrance known ’round the world. This non-alcoholic blend (lol) is sure to fill the void when the real golden beverage isn’t an option…

Dude Candle Wax Melts are made from an original blend of wax to hold and throw a strong scent. All wax melts come with six cubes per pack and offer up to 60 hours of melt time.

Please note: If you were a previous consumer of “Pilsner”, this is the exact same scent relabeled.

Based on weight, up to four wax melts can ship for the same low cost Priority Mail rate on a single order. Of course, order as many as you like. We won’t stop you…



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Handcrafted In the USA

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