Custom Orders

Yup! I do that! Dude Candle offers custom orders with a minimum 30 candle order. Here’s the details:

• TImeline
• Jar label
• Custom box
• Use our box
• Costs

• Producing the candles themselves is fairly quick and can be done in a night or two. What we have to consider when collaborating together is the overall timeline if custom fragrances have to be made or ordered or if custom boxes are being designed. This can add 2-3 weeks depending on how well we coordinate details together.

• For orders over 100 pieces, jar labels are free of charge.
• If you want a custom jar label (regardless of quantity ordered), I can design it for you at no charge or you can supply artwork. We DO REQUIRE a co-branded jar label. That means, somewhere on the label it must read “produced and bottled by Dude Candle”.

• Generally, I discourage this from a cost standpoint. It can be done but you can expect a cost anywhere from $3.00 to $6.00 a box. It’s expensive because box printing is typically ordered by the thousands at a time which dramatically reduces costs. However, if you’re feeling generous for your recipients, we can talk further. From design concept to completion, it’s about 3 weeks to produce custom boxes. They are digitally printed which allows us to print low quantities, look amazing, and produced right here in the USA.

Kraft Label Location

Kraft Label Location

We will gladly supply our box at no charge as we do for all retail orders already. There is a small area on the front of our boxes where we place a kraft paper label that shows the scent of the candle. It doesn’t leave much room for branding, but that is an optional space worth considering for your message or logo. We can create a label for you at no charge for that location.

Please contact me to request pricing. We have a two tier pricing level based on quantity above or below 300 pieces.

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