General Business Information

Before You Begin

This application will require a copy of your business license and the completion of a resale certificate. Have a copy of your business license ready and please download the appropriate resale certificate from the button below. They can be completed on your computer, saved, and then attached and included to this wholesale application at the bottom.

Terms and Conditions

• Dude Candle only sells to legitimate resellers.
• If your business is online only, you must have a well established website (having Facebook or other social media shops do not qualify).
• Reselling on Amazon, eBay or other third party marketplaces are forbidden
• Violation of the above or any act that disparages the Dude Candle brand may result in termination of your wholesale account without notice
• We require valid business license and tax information as outlined below
• We reserve the right to deny wholesale applications for any reason
• All orders require a minimum $100 purchase
• All orders are prepaid - no open accounts
• All orders are processed online through the website only. No fax or email orders.
• Approved dealers will be given wholesale access to easily shop and place orders.

Tell Us About Your Company

After clicking submit, please wait a few seconds for your form and attachments to submit. You will receive a copy of your submission via email to verify it was successfully delivered.