Dude Candle Brand Guide

This page is provided for wholesalers of Dude Candle products. Dude Candle® is a registered trademark and unauthorized use is not permitted.

Below you can download the logo in either a transparent PNG format or Illustrator .ai version. You can download them individually, or click the button at the bottom of the page for the complete logo and branding collection.



All Dude Candles are brewed with full bodied scents, aged to perfection in oak barrels, and contain zero calories (c’mon, that was funny).

FONT: Times New Roman
FORMAT: Small Caps

The Best Candles for Men

FONT: Nauert
FORMAT: All Caps

Dude Candle scents take you on new adventures or remind you of the adventures you’re passionate about…

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Dude Candle Brand Colors


Dude Candle Brand Colors

R:0 G:0 B:0
C:20 M:20 Y:20 K:100

Dude Candle Brand Colors

R:255 G:119 B:0
C:0 M:66 Y:100 K:0

Dude Candle Brand Colors

R:66 G:66 B:66
C:67 M:60 Y:59 K:45

Dude Candle Brand Colors

R:88 G:40 B:17
C:40 M:79 Y:91 K:57


When combined with other Dude Candle branding elements, the social media PNG frame overlays will add brand cohesion.

Dude Candle Social Media Frame


Dude Candle Social Media Frame


Dude Candle Social Media Frame


Handcrafted In the USA

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