From the hiking trail, to the cabin, to the off road race course, to the open asphalt, Dude Candle scents take you on new adventures or remind you of the adventures you’re passionate about…
Coffee Bean

Candles for guys

Coffee Bean

Masculine Design

Coffee Bean

Manly scents

Candles for Guys That Smell Incredible

Specially blended fragrance oils and premium wax combine to deliver the best fragrance throw when lit or sitting on your workbench.
Dude Candle - Candles for Guys

Hand Crafted

Each candle is hand poured at the perfect temperature to achieve perfect consistency and burn.
Dude Candle - Offroad Scented Candles

Exclusive Fragrances

Our fragrances are exclusively developed and blended to create original masculine scents.
Dude Candle - Racing Scented Candles

Premium Wax

Dude Candle uses soy and soy blend waxes to achieve the best scent throw possible.

The Dude Story

Dude Candle was founded to develop a line of truly masculine scented candles without any hint of feminine flowery scents or perfumes. Pure and simple. All Dude Candles are brewed with full bodied scents, aged to perfection in oak barrels, and contain zero calories (c’mon, that was funny). We use either 100% soy wax or a soy blend depending upon the fragrance to achieve the boldest scent possible. (…and no, we’re not really just for dudes! Gals love ’em too!)

The Best Candles for Men

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