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About Dude Candle

About Dude Candle

Nicholas Dude
Dude Candle

In 1852, Nicholas Dude was inspired to fill a void for a masculine market. The California Gold Rush was at its peak. Men were traveling across the country to seek their fortunes and chase their dreams.

In such times in the wilderness, showers, baths, and cleanliness were a rarity. Colognes weren’t an option because the feared wild Jackalope were attracted to non-natural scents and would attack prospectors without hesitation.

Nicholas came to the conclusion that a well scented candle would permit a whiff of scented air when desired without the dangers of prospectors permanently dowsed in colognes.

His product line launched with original scents like “Wagon Train”, “Prairie Dog”, “Horse Saddle” and “Cactus”.

His efforts paid off. With candles delivering hours and hours of light in the evenings and refreshing fragrance for a fraction of all the accoutrements prospectors needed, it was an easy sale.

As the Gold Rush began to subside, Nicholas took his profits and returned to New York. His brand and success made him a household name. Everywhere he went, people recognized him more than the face of President Pierce. Passersby on the street would exchange a polite greeting which became the origin of such common phrases we use so casually today, such as “hi, Dude!”

Nicholas Dude - Candles 1852

Okay – none of that is true, but isn’t that more interesting than a sterile ‘About Us’ page?

The truth is I’ve spent my life working in the off road industry (and still do!), working with both the recreation and race market. And, my personal passion is street bikes, specifically sport bikes. As you can tell, if it’s a machine that runs on dirt or asphalt, it’s in my life.

I think it’s important to note I’m a “one man” show, right now. Everything about Dude Candle is done solely by myself. I’m the web designer, photographer and graphic artist. Scent development, packaging design, candle production, and shipping is also performed by myself. I’m truly a small business seeking success and your support!

I founded Dude candle to start with a few core scents I couldn’t find out there. The initial intent was to create a line of “powersports” scented candles. Over time, the line continues to expand with new scents every month appealing to both Dudes and Dude-ettes!

Based in Arroyo Grande, California, I’m surrounded by vineyards, trails, beaches, and more. All of which continue to lead to great inspiration for future candle scents.

I hope you enjoy the product lineup and what I have to offer. I also welcome any input or suggestions!

If you’re new to Dude Candle, welcome! If you’ve purchased from here before, thank you for your business and sharing the passion I’m so passionate about!


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