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New Car Wax Melts

New car scented wax melts

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What are wax melts?

A wax melt is a scented wax cube you place into a wax melter that when heated, releases the aroma into your space.

Wax Melters come in all shapes and sizes and are readily available. They heat the wax either electrically or by flame from a small tea light candle.

What are Dude Cubes made from?

All wax melts are a soy wax blended with an additional "pillar" wax that stiffens the wax, making them brittle and "snappable" like a candy bar. This makes them easy to break apart for placement in a melter.

What's the advantage of wax melts?

There are several reasons:
• They're affordable
• It's a great way to test a scent before purchasing a candle.
• They're a better choice for those who may be affected by traditional candle smoke.
• If using an electrical warmer, no flame is involved, making them ideal for dorm rooms, military barracks and office spaces where flames aren't permitted.

Is this a gift for someone?

Add a FREE Dude Candle "To/From" card with any purchase. It's just my way of making your special gift more special!

Only second to the joy of owning one is the smell of a new car. That glorious smell of leather seats, synthetic materials and the plastic dash all come together in this Dude original. I admit, this was a hard one to commit to. With my leather wax melts almost falling in the same realm, this had to be distinctly unique and authentic to its name, capturing that distinctive smell of a new car. I think I nailed it!

Whether you're just a lover of that new car smell, or you need some motivation to save those pennies for that special day you take on new keys - I'm glad to fill that void with this New Car scented wax melt!

Dude Candle Wax Melts are made from an original blend of wax to hold and throw a strong scent. All wax melts come with six cubes per pack and offer up to 60 hours of melt time.