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Below are logos and common branding elements used for Dude Candle. You can click on the logos to quickly download a PNG or download the entire asset library below.

Dude Candle is a registered trademark.

Please use the logo versions supplied with this brand guide. Dude Candle logos can only be used in black or white as provided. They can be placed over any image or content. The exception is that no shapes or design patterns are placed behind the logo as to imply a variation on the brand logo.

If you have any questions or need creative help, please contact me.

Usage Guidelines

Download either logo below

Color Pallet

HEX #000000
(R0, G0, B0)

HEX #222222
(R34, G34, B34)

(R241, G87, B35)

Media Kit

You can download the complete Dude Candle Media Kit with logos in PNG and .ai formats along with other brand elements.