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Endless Sunner

Suntan lotion scented candle

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How long do Dude Candles burn?

Dude Candle 8oz jars features an average burn time of about 40 hours while our 16oz amber jars can reach up to 80 hours.

What are Dude Candles made from?

Dude Candle uses a soy blend that combines both soy and paraffin wax. We do this because, quite simply, it makes the best burning and best scented candle. If we truly produce a 100% soy candle, it will be clearly labeled as such. Otherwise, we label it a soy blend. We believe in honesty. You can read more on our blog post here.

We use various wick types depending on the wax and fragrance formulation blend, but in most instances, they are all cotton or paper core wicks. We never use lead or zinc wicks.

Each scent is a careful blend of fragrance oil to create our own unique line of candles. It’s often thought that candles use Essential Oils for fragrance and this is somewhat incorrect.

In order for fragrance to bond with the wax molecules, it must be a specialty type of oil. If we use essential oils in any of our candles, it’s typically as an accent fragrance and does not constitute the “base” or “bulk” of the fragrance’s scent.

All fragrance oils we use are pthalate free. This is a positive step forward in ensuring we reduce and risks to human health.

Is this a gift for someone?

Add a FREE Dude Candle "To/From" card with any purchase. It's just my way of making your special gift more special!

Suntan lotion. That classic distinct scent that reminds you of summer, the beach, the surf and good times.

Maybe it's a day on the lake, that picnic, that family vacation. Close your eyes and contemplate those hot summer days and how you smelled after the sun went down. 

Keep summer with you, wherever you are, whenever you want to reconnect with summer.

Each flicker of the flame rekindles the joy of sun-soaked adventures and the bliss of unwinding under the radiant sun, making every moment feel like a cherished vacation. This candle is rated Dude Strong for it’s scent throw.